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Crypto in 5 Minutes

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Crypto in 5 Minutes

Market snapshot

Happy 2023 and welcome to Crypto in Five Minutes, our weekly recap highlighting key headlines driving the industry conversation. We start the year with crypto prices relatively flat over the past seven days. Bitcoin (BTC) is down .7% and Ethereum (ETH) is down .2%

Five Headlines Driving the Conversation in Latin America
Cointelegraph published a piece focused on how inflation in Latin America is driving crypto adoption in the region.
Samsung announced it is investing more than $35 million in Metaverse initiatives in Latin America.
In Argentina, the Senate is evaluating crypto advertising regulation.
The Uruguayan parliament approved a law regulating bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Senate will take a final vote on the bill.

OpenSea has blocked Cuban NFT artists and collectors in order to comply with U.S. sanctions.

Key global headlines


Cryptocurrency Solana continued to decline in value, losing $50 billion during 2022.


The Central Bank of Spain has opened the call for proposals to test a wholesale CBDC project.


Crypto Exchange platform Kraken announced it is leaving Japan.


Fidelity Investments and HSBC seek trademarks in the Metaverse.


The former president and Chief Operations Officer of interactive entertainment company Activision was named CEO of Web3 startup Yuga Labs.

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