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Crypto in 5 Minutes

Your destination for crypto-ventures in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Crypto in 5 Minutes

Market snapshot

Crypto prices have seen a slight bump in the first week of the year. Over the last seven days, Bitcoin (BTC) is up 3%, Ethereum (ETH) 8% and Solana (SOL), which is working to distance itself from FTX, is up 46%.

Five Headlines Driving the Conversation in Latin America
TechStars, the Stellar-backed payments company, unveiled the 12 startups chosen for its inaugural accelerator program in Latin America.
After the World Cup triumph, the Argentine soccer league secured a metaverse partnership with Upland.
UNICEF Brazil and Upland signed a partnership to develop a project and Web3 academy.
A study by Bain & Company found that digital currencies have become a top investment option in Chile.
The launch of Mexico’s digital peso has been delayed. There is no new date for the launch.

Key global headlines

At CES, Mastercard announced a partnership with Polygon to launch a Web3 accelerator program for musicians.
The World Economic Forum blamed the crypto crash on the lack of regulation, but said crypto will eventually go mainstream.
During the crypto meltdown, Silvergate raced to cover more than $8 billion in withdrawals.

Australia became the fourth largest crypto ATM hub, overtaking El Salvador.


At CES, Microsoft’s global chief strategy officer of mobility, automotive and transportation, said the Metaverse is a “must-have” for companies as they look at the customer experience for brand engagement.

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