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Crypto in 5 Minutes

Your destination for crypto-ventures in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Crypto in 5 Minutes

Market snapshot

As the World Economic Forum kicked-off in Davos, cryptocurrency prices have rallied, Bitcoin (BTC) is up 20% and Ethereum (ETH) is up 16% in the last seven days.
Five Headlines Driving the Conversation in Latin America
Crypto exchange Bitso became the first exchange in Latin America to list Circle’s Euro Coin stablecoin.
Argentina’s Ministry of Economy proposed a bill to encourage citizens to reveal crypto holdings.
The recently approved Brazilian cryptocurrency law will most likely be reviewed by the newly appointed Congress.
El Salvador passed the Digital Assets Issuance Law, which establishes rules for the state to open public offerings related to cryptocurrencies. The law will allow for the issuance of the country’s long-awaited volcanic bonds.
Also in El Salvador, CriptoNoticias Paxful announced that it is leaving the country and will no longer have headquarters or employees. However, Salvadorans will be able to continue using the platform.

Key global headlines

Avalanche announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services to scale blockchain adoption across enterprises, institutions and governments.
Metamask announced an Ethereum staking feature.
Unstoppable Domains and Ready Player Me have partnered up to create interoperable Metaverse identities.
The SEC accused Genesis and Gemini of improperly handling customer funds between the two firms.
Bitcoin mining with clean energy helped cover the costs of salaries, conservation and infrastructure at Congo’s National Park.
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