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Encabezado Cripto en 5 Minutos Febrero

Market snapshot

The news that half of Bitcoin’s supply has not changed hands in two years sets a new record. In fact, the number of long-term Bitcoin (BTC) holders has increased. In addition, throughout the past seven days, BTC is down 1% and Ethereum (ETH) is up 3%.

Five Headlines Driving the Conversation in Latin America
Parfin, a Latin American Web3 infrastructure provider, raised $15 million in a seed investment round.
Live coins published a report that shows the most popular cryptocurrencies in each state of Brazil over the past month.
Coinbase CEO floated the idea that Brazil and Argentina move to Bitcoin as the countries seek a common currency.
Panama’s Supreme Court will rule on cryptocurrency legislation.
A Puerto Rican man will face charges related to a $110 million cryptocurrency fraud. He allegedly manipulated certain prices and faces a maximum of up to 40 years in prison if convicted.

Key global headlines


ConsenSys announced a new education initiative called MetaMask Learn, available for free and in 10 languages.

Caroline Butler was named BNY Mellon’s CEO of digital assets, a newly created role. Previously she served as CEO of the bank’s custody services.
OREO entered the Metaverse with a limited edition cookie.
Limit Break, a Web3 gaming company, announced it will air a Super Bowl commercial with an NFT giveaway.
An examination of eight key data points determined that London is the world’s most crypto-ready city for business.
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